Super silver haze


Strain Name: Super Silver Haze
Grade: A+
Type: 50/50 Hybrid
Looks: columning spires loaded with trichromes
Small little nodes of line green and curly orange hairs
Smell: like cheese and kush. SSH is hard to describe
But once you have had it its hard to pass up. Top 5 of all time in my book
Taste: Amazing. Very strong cheese sour kush taste with a lot
Of expantion right off the get go. Explosion of tingly kushy goodness
Effects: instant head and body high. Very relaxing and medicated feeling
Decent couch lock is your a new timer,but provides a very energetic,uplifting high however it tastes best Through a bong (with/without) percolator,or a bubbler to enjoy the true flavor of this wonderful strain
Potency: 98/100 one of the best 50/50 mixes there is IMO

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Super silver Haze

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