Skunk 1 feminized seeds


Flowering time after (days): 45-55 days
Height in cm: 150-300 cm
Yield: 500 gr./m2
Type: Feminized seeds
Yield Medium yield
Climat Temperature / Continental
Height Average height gain
THC: 10% +/-
Flowering time Average flowering period
Sativa / Indica Mostly Indica
Number of seeds 5
Skunk 1 is a Sativa dominant plant but doesn’t grow in a typical Sativa way, for example she won’t get too tall and the leaves are small but also wide, indica influences are definitely noticeable.
The buds have a beautiful constant structure, while growing they have a golden green colour all over with resin covering all over the bud.
Skunk 1 is a genetically strong plant so it is no surprise lots of other kinds have been developed in addition of these excellent genetics!
An exceptional high yield is why she is loved by so many breeders as well as users and although her name promises a typical Skunk taste, as soon as you smoke her buds the sweet lemon candy flavour will tell you otherwise.
You can call this a genuine sweet surprise.
The effect from smoking or consuming Skunk 1 buds is a quick upcoming buzz that keeps you in a couch-lock for a while.