Hindu kush feminized seeds


Hindu Kush
Original Seeds
Origins: Landrace Hindu Kush
Potency: THC 17%

This strain is brought to you by Original Seeds. It is a collective breeding and operating out of Russia. Original Seeds focuses mainly on landrace genetics. When creating this strain, Original Seeds worked with two special Hindu Kush strains, and the Kush landrace was added to this blend to produce a stunning early-blossoming homogenous phenotype. The precise genetics of these plants are uncertain, although one is assumed to be from somewhere even more western and mountainous than the heights of Chitral in Pakistan.

This Hindu Kush strain produces tiny, deep green plants while grown indoors. However, when grown outdoors, the plants are known to get beyond 10 feet in stature. The branches seem to form a cone or pyramid shape, and will blossom into many beautiful colors if maintained properly and treated with additional potassium.

Despite the fact that purebred Hindu Kush plants are not able to be smoked, the Kush landrace genetics within this plant offer up additional resinous buds that are used by the locals for creating hash as well as for smoking. Hindu Kush yields solid buds and a massive harvest, and is a fantastic strain for someone who is just learning to grow.