Dark star feminized seeds


Dark Star
Origins: Purple Kush x Mazar-I-Sharif
Flowering: 65-70 days

Strictly speaking, a “dark star” is a term for the celestial object that, due to its immense mass, traps light in its overwhelming gravity, rendering it dark. This is an antiquated term and is now more commonly known as a black hole. But chances are good that the name “Dark Star” did not lead you to think about astronomy. Chances are, if you ever listened to the Grateful Dead, right now you are thinking of the epic song that served as the bedrock upon which hours of improvisational music were built. The song became so associated with the Dead that it was adopted by the Dark Star Orchestra, a unique tribute band who has been meticulously recreating specific Dead shows from the vast catalog of their 30-year tour history. With this indica strain, you may also be recreating a little something special of your own from the touring days.

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